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Mouthpieces, instruments, mutes

GR 67LX and 67CX mouthpieces, for trumpets in Bb, C, D and Eb (concert music)
Engelman Erico Fonseca M mouthpiece (SL5 L67X #3.7mm, solid stem M) for piston trumpets
Engelman Erico Fonseca L Mouthpiece (GTI 3B #3.8mm, 5.2M shank #3.7mm)

AR mouthpiece (Adam Rapa), MLD cup 40, stem 40-7 (section in commercial music, big band and piccolo trumpet in A and Bb)
JK mouthpiece, 1/4 C edge (performances as a soloist in jazz and MPB)

Bresslmayr G3 mouthpiece with Holger Mack BM backbore,  for Bb and C rotor trumpets (concert music)
Engelman S3E 3.6mm mouthpiece for piccolo trumpet
Engelman PC5 D3 4.33 mm mouthpiece for cornet
Denis Wick 4FL mouthpiece for flugelhorn

Yamaha Xeno Chicago silver trumpet in Bb with Will Spencer 520 leadpipe
Yamaha Xeno Chicago silver trumpet in C 
Yamaha YTR-6610 gold trumpet in D/Eb
Golden Lechner rotor trumpet in Bb
Dowids Concert Line GL 60 rotor trumpet without C bath
Golden BS Scherzer rotor piccolo trumpet in A/B 
Cornet Besson Prestige golden in Bb

Straight mutes Hawkins, Bonna, Jo-ral, Trumcor and Dennis Wick
Cup mutes Hawkins, Bonna, Trumcor and Denis Wick
Harmon wawa mute Jo-ral
Mute for piccolo trumpet Denis Wick
Yamaha Silent Brass Study Mute
Hetman Lubricants
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